Last week, Consumer Reports released its annual ranking of the top automotive brands, with Genesis being at the top of the list, outranking Audi, BMW, Lexus and Porsche.

"Not many car brands have what it takes to deliver consistent quality across several models and through multiple new launches or redesigns," said Jake Fisher, Director of Automotive Testing for Consumer Reports.

This ranking system is generated based on the results of a comprehensive road and safety test as well as customer satisfaction and reliability survey results. Getting to the top of the list is a difficult feat, but not entirely a challenge for Genesis, since only two models were tested by Consumer Reports, the G80 and the G90. Genesis scored an 89 out of 100 on the road test and consumers recommended 100% of the models tested for the public.

Genesis Motors, as a company, is relatively up-and-coming. Since 2015, Genesis commits itself to bringing some of the very best in luxury sedans and this article by Consumer Reports further demonstrates the results of that commitment. So, come down to Genesis Hilton Head to test drive any of the G80 or G90 sedans in our inventory. Customers all around the U.S. are satisfied with the Genesis brand, so why not see what all the fuss is about? See you soon!

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